Hard as Roxx Soundtrack

All of my books have a soundtrack. It’s probably because in my head, they all play out as movies. For now, however, they will have to content themselves as books. My latest book is Hard as Roxx, release date 2012. Below is a sampling of videos from its soundtrack.

If you only listen to one, try “Jangfata,” which means “The Road Is Long.” It is the pacing and the energy of the book. Although the story is Dystopian, I have quite a different view of what life will be under an oppressive regime. Life finds a way.

I realize the song selections will seem random now, but trust me, they will make more sense when you read the book. Put on your dancing shoes, clothes your eyes, and be. Roxx is gonna take you places you’ve never been.

Meet Roxx – “Do It Like a Dude,” by Jessie J

Desert Time – “Cler Achel (I Spent the Day),” by Tinariwen

(lyrics: http://www.6lyrics.com/cler_achel-lyrics-tinariwen.aspx )

Love – “Simply Falling,”  by Iyeoka

Heading North – “Jangfata (The Road Is Long),” Sousou and Maher Cissoko

In Sandahl’s Field – “Kothbiro,” Ayub Ogada

Heading Home – “Sirata,” by Habib Koite

Closing Theme – “Paradise,” by Coldplay

9 thoughts on “Hard as Roxx Soundtrack

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      You picked my two favorite songs. Those two influenced the book. The first giving me a lot of the main character’s energy, the second telling me where I wanted to set much of the action.

  1. ceciliag says:

    Do you listen to these AS you write or does the music build in your HEAD as you write.. i only ask because for me it is the music in my head, don’t tell anyone i said that though, as I sound totally bonkers! c

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      You don’t sound bonkers, and even if you did, it would fit the book. Roxx is more than a little bonkers, by her own admission.

      I always listen to music when I write. For me, with ADD, it filters out the “noise” that’s going on, both outside and within. In the case of this book, I actually got the entire idea from the book from watching the 1st soundtrack. Often I’ll write a scene or an entire chapter (or poem) listening to the same song. When I do that, the piece seems to end up with its own rhythm, which I like.

      In the case of this book, most of the soundtrack came later. I listened to rock while writing, but there was a music in my head (as you stated) that fit what I ended up with. Some of the songs I knew, and they fit. A couple of others below, perfectly fit the mood of the section of the book, and the music in my head.

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      I hate that. My company almost blocks the whole bloody internet, which is a real problem when they pay you to do research that requires the internet. Bandwidth. Arrrgh.

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