Road Closed – Weekly Photo Challenge

So, I took on my own photo challenge. I hope more of you do too. I will be posting a new set of photos on Sunday, so you have until Saturday to get yours in. The writing prompts are found here: . All you have to do is write 100 words in some format, inspired by one of the photos.

I chose Flash Fiction, and Used Photo A. It’s called, “Road Closed.”

I tried not to notice her – honest. It was the sound that caught my attention, the flapping. She wanted me to notice. She wanted all the boys to watch.

Flap. Flap.

I was watching the shadows, not making eye contact … the way the doc suggested. You know, hanging around, but not interacting. “Help integrate” me with people he says.

Yeah, I integrated pretty good.

I hear the sound, and glance up, and there’s a pair of legs … slim, perfect. There’s a sign I didn’t notice before. I figure it’s for me.

Not exactly “Dead End,” but close enough.