International Short Story Writing Month

May is National Short Story month, or at least claims to be, according to a web search.

Nah, I’m not doing that.

Around these parts, June 1 is when the weather stops being dominated by cool, dry air from the north, and switches to hot, humid southern air. It’s also the month I stop walking two miles a day, and switch to my summer workout routine. In other words, I’m indoors more often. Less time to see the world, and more to write the worlds I see.

 I’ve never been much of a follower, so I’ve decided to have my own short story month. (I had other shit to do in May.) In between editing, and dodging dates, I have declared June to be International Short Story Writing month. Basically, I’m spending the month writing as many short stories as I can. The objective is to put together a free collection, as a writing exercise, and maybe have 1 or 2 good enough for publication in journals or anthologies.

I’ve had one published, within the Literary Underground’s tome, Time, and liked the ability to step out of my usual style and experiment. The objective of International Short Story month isn’t to write crap, or generate word count. The objective is to grow as a writer.

Growth is good. I’m not where I want to be as a writer, but I’m getting closer. The only way to acheive one’s goal is to be consistent. Despite what we want to be true, we are defined not by that which we do best, but by that which we do consistently. Don’t believe me? Think of people you know who go to church on Sundays, and pray all day there, only to follow it up by drinking, whoring, and cheating all week. Do you judge them to be spiritual people?

I thought not.

So, June is for growth. Last June, I started planning Hard as Roxx. I’m not ready to start my next book, mainly because the short story idea intrigues me. There are plenty of stories in my head, including the real truth of vampires. I HATE HATE HATE vampire books, which is why I need to write a vampire story. Romance ass; it’s about food.

If anyone would like to join in, cool. Add a comment, and let me know. I may publish some of the short pieces here, if I come up with some I like.