Mediocre Goodbye Poem

She ran out
the door

not the door
mind you
the girl

see, she was
as a hatter
particularly at me
as i had stung her
with the truth

crazy people hate that

I told her, see
that she hated herself
so much
that she even hated
people like me
who loved her

but I
soon fixed that

She told me
all the ways I sucked
and reminded me
that my writing
was “very mediocre”

I pointed out that
mediocre means
ordinary, moderate
neither good nor bad
“very” made no sense
she’s a brilliant poet

I guess that made
things worse


8 Replies to “Mediocre Goodbye Poem”

  1. (laughter!) tons of laughter!! so good. my back aches from loading hay and carrying animals and fencing and I sat here wishing I had help, then clicked on you, and now I am laughing and enjoying and thinking about a hot bath! Thank you.. c

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