I am having a good day, I’ve decided. First, I finished updates of Emprise this week, and last night successfully built the epub (Nook & Apple) and mobi (Kindle) ebook documents. I will start populating Amazon and other sites this week. Emprise will go on sale on 1 November! I am excited to get this out the door after 2 years’ worth of revisions. (My writing cycle seems to be 1.5 – 3 months to write, 1.5 – 2 years to edit). *Insert big sigh.

I hope you check out Emprise. I think it’s a fun story. Here’s version 1 of the blurb.

“In small-town Virginia, sixteen-year-old Charlie Patterson is hunting creatures that have escaped from the dream world, the Stream. With his partner, Robin LeBeaux, he discovers that something is tearing apart the gateway that separates dreams from reality, and even life from death. Now, he and Robin must again venture into the Stream before the entire universe turns to chaos. There, they are destined to meet the Gatekeeper in the ultimate battle for the future of the multiverse. Powerful, imaginative, funny, and romantic, this exciting installment of The Stream trilogy promises to please lovers of fantasy adventure everywhere.”

Elsewhere on the ranch, I’ve received my first bit of feedback on Hard as Roxx. It’s encouraging, but more importantly, It was helpful. (My beta reader – without knowing – told me to put the story back the way I had originally written it. *Insert another big sigh) In addition, an acquaintance with a small publisher imprint is interested in potentially putting Roxx out there. That would give me some additional marketing (and brain) power. More is better – in both marketing and brains – always.

My next task is to finish my short stories. I’ve put a couple out for feedback, but got brainstorms at work (during a boring telecon) that turned into 2 paranormal stories. I hope to get those written in the next week, then put out the short story collection by the end of November. The short story tome will be called The Juice and Other Stories, and will cost no more than $0.99 U.S. (They are MUCH less work and MUCH more fun to write.)

The title story is a nice little tale about a lady of the evening. The cover artwork was done by moi, and features my ex-wife’s lovely eyes. There  is NO resemblance between my ex-wife and my character, btw. (*Put the phone down, babe, we don’ need no stinkin’ lawyers. ) There are SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Humor, and a couple of stories with no genre at all.

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