Day 2: How Not to Write

I have never had writer’s block. That’s unfortunate, because I don’t want to write. Well, I do want to write, but I am determined not to. It’s not finished cooking yet. I could poke out a short story, but the current collection isn’t burning up the cash register, despite my 1st (5-star) review.

Initially, I decided not to begin my next work in progress due to a lack of support of people “in my life.” I have people who have bought a book or two, but only 2 (one my mom) has read any of them. It led me to believe that perhaps I’m not a very good writer. After all, if I were, wouldn’t friends read my work? Would they ask me to send them signed copies – across the state, across the country, to other continents- only to place them on the shelf, unread? I’m not a friend or a favorite author, I am a conversation piece. “This is my friend, Bill. He’s an author; see his books?”

So, yeah, I realized I must really suck as a writer. But on second thought, I like my stuff. Which led me to a second conclusion – the people in my life suck. Instead of chucking the writing, I postponed it, and got rid of the people in my life.

There, that feels better.

While I delay the inevitable new WIP, I’ve begun distracting my artistic bent (again) in other ways. I’ve read five books this year, but that won’t last long. I’m not much of a book nerd, I must confess. I’ve also done a bit of web page design, as well as other design work. But my mainstay has been photography. I’m collecting my usual array of street shots, and compiling shots to be used in book cover designs I’ve been asked to help with. Here are the ones I like from last month.

Dupont Circle metro station, Washington D.C. This will eventually be integrated into some cover art for a story that starts in this locale.
I love the moments when subjects do exactly what I need them to do for the shot. I aimed the big camera in her general direction until she gave me a “get lost” look. Thanks.
And still I rise
I have a small collection of shots like this.
Near Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C. The great thing about photo hikes in the city is that you can jump on the metro anywhere if you start to get tired.
My writer’s brain reminds me of the stories of the old row houses that used to be here.
Old architecture and…
old cars make for new stories.

The distraction led me to restart photo blogging, and begin posting to my blog again. I’ve gotten a couple of invites to show work at some online galleries. It reminded me that, for a while, local websites were using my shots fairly regularly. Maybe being “great” at something is out of the question for some of us. Perhaps being good at a number of things is enough.

Until I figure it out, I’ll stay in waiting mode.

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  1. Mary Quallo says:

    I just purchased The Juice and other stories last night. I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but I will. I like the way you write your blog, so I have no doubt I will like your stories too. I will also review them on Amazon. Keep writing.

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