darkness wails in windswept winter
white with dust and frosted dew
broken branches, barely bother
scraping daytime from my shoe

winter falls and thus to springtime
footfalls tread on mildewed pass
blink an eye and summer’s sadly
dead and gone like sun-scorched grass

autumn’s awful, full of schooling
never learned the lessons well
falling for the futile blessing –
leaves once red, now brown, in hell

empty arms that wail, despairing
once were warm, now softly, sing
how a love once lay there telling
lies that winters lead to spring.

5 thoughts on “cycles

  1. Mary Quallo says:

    Bill, your poetry is wonderful. You paint vivid pictures with your words and reach into my soul and lay it bare. Keep writing Bill, I’m still reading. Mary

  2. Mary Quallo says:

    Please don’t stop writing it. Those few of us that read it and appreciate it would be devastated to lose such a talented contemporary poet. Keep writing Bill, I’m still reading. Mary

  3. Island Traveler says:

    Seasons of life, well spoken from a passionate heart that felt both the joys of rain and the sadness of Winter’s bitter cold. Each season gives hope that tomorrow things will be better if not amazing just like Spring’s early visuals of rebirth. Thanks.

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