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Good writing is all about having the proper tools. An important part of your writer’s toolkit is having access to good writing, grammar, style, editing, and usage tips from experienced writers. I will be featuring a few good sites I’ve come across periodically. The first such site is Daily Writing Tips.

Rather than give you a long diatribe on what’s there, I’ve copied below the links from their main web page. I would advise stopping by and browsing. I’ve found helpful info, and sometimes just amusing posts, including my favorite, “50 Incorrect Pronunciations You Should Avoid.” (Did you just say, “pro noun ci a tions” in your head? If so, you really should read the article. It’s “pro nun ci a tions.”)

Daily Writing Tips



10 thoughts on “Writer’s Site of the Day

  1. Carissa says:

    This one! I hear teevee journalists and radio hosts make this mistake All The Time. Drives me around the bend.

    10. cache – The word is of French origin, but it does not end with an accented syllable. A cache is a hiding place or something that is being hidden: a cache of supplies; a cache of money; a cache of drugs. Say /KASH/, not /ka-shay/.

        1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

          I know. We did it simultaneously. I agree with you, by the way. I used to think it was for-tay myself. They won’t recover this one anymore than people will learn how to use who/whom correctly.

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