middle age

middle age is peeking at me.

she sits in the corner
lifting her skirts to the heavens
crosses a knobby knee
and winks a heavily mascara’d eye
in my direction.

bitch is not my type


11 Replies to “middle age”

  1. Jones, this is GREAT….exactly “my type”….this is really really good. It felt like taking a bite into a chocolate croissant, a treat you don’t get everyday

      1. i suppose it could be if you got creative enough to look at it that way…or were sensitive to the issue to see that in everything, jones 😉

        chocolate croissant just happen to be my favorite.

        1. I’ve had blue-eyed, blonde cousins, so I think the whole idea of race is a fiction. My historical research backs it up. The concept does amuse me, since others think it’s real.

      1. Oh she’ll leave, eventually. She’ll get pushed out by another. That’s the one I fear. This one? She’s just irritating.

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