If you were a place

This was not a poem, but part of an IM conversation I had with a friend close to eight years ago. Today, she turned 40 and it made me think of this.

If you were a place,
It would live by gentle seas
Deep blue sky, with purple hues
A hot southern breeze
Hints of exotic fragrances would fill the air
Like lemongrass or lavender
You would turn, smiling,
There would be a great flash of light to fill the sky
All of your footsteps would leave sparkles of light,
And the world would smell sweeter,
Seem brighter, as you neared.



12 Replies to “If you were a place”

  1. that’s a gorgeous thing to say to someone. Actually, it’s an interesting way to think of someone, as a place. If YOU were a place, Bill, what would you be like?

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