A New Review for Discovery (The Stream, Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable YA Fantasy, July 9, 2013
This review is from: The Stream: Discovery (Paperback)

Charlie is a lucid dreamer in a way that is beyond what most people can do – he finds out what happens in his dreams has an effect on the world around him. And he finds out that someone else has this ability – his beloved great-grandfather, G’pa Joe. The problem is, Joe’s in a nursing home, and he’s suddenly taken a turn for the worse – is it Alzheimer’s? Or something else, even more insidious?

Robin and her mother move from New Mexico to get a new start in life after Robin’s older sister dies in an accident. Robin finds out that Charlie has the same ability she does – to do ‘real things’ in dreams. Not only that, they find out they can interact with each other’s dreams. And it isn’t just them, some of their classmates also have this ability. Unfortunately, the dreams aren’t always good – and there’s something out there in the dreams, known as Siri, who has an interest in Joe, and Charlie, and not in a good way.

Can Charlie figure a way to bring Joe back to the land of the living? Will Robin heal completely from her sister’s death? Will they be able to face up to Siri, and figure out its plans for the dream world?

This is the first book of a trilogy, and very interesting. While Charlie and Robin are pre-teens (twelve years old), they seem older (not necessarily a bad thing). An enjoyable read.

Discovery – Available in Kindle format and Paperback from Amazon.com


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    Great as said before I look into it as soon as I have my reading list together for the Autumn and Winter.In the moment I am into Cooking Books.

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