Eddie Daley, Skip Tracer Update

I’ve been writing feverishly, and I’m 82,000 words into this novel. I have about a chapter and a half to write, wherein I tie up all of the loose ends, but that should be easy, since I already know what happens. Instead, I skipped to the end, and finished writing the last chapter.

This book has been interesting, as I changed my mind about the ending several times. I daresay no one reading it will know for sure which way it goes until the last chapter, since I didn’t know myself. It’s sort of a hybrid between planning out the whole book and “pantsing” which I ordinarily don’t advocate. However, if you have an impulsive character, it makes sense to allow them to do impulsive things. With two such characters, the book swayed slightly left and then right.

Anyway, who knows if it’s good or not, but within a week, the first draft will be finished. Then I’ll put it aside and not look at it again for months. The interesting part is the next reading, where you discover if you wrote something you like or a piece of crap. But I will have written a detective novel, my first. So I consider that a success, no matter what.

Now to get Roxx out of my computer and onto the interwebs. The world needs another kickass, bisexual female Sci-Fi lead. If only I could get a little word-of-mouth. One thing at a time, no?


7 thoughts on “Eddie Daley, Skip Tracer Update

  1. Bethanie

    I am thrilled that you have turned Skip Tracer into a novel. Can’t wait to read the entire thing!

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