1. Hard as Roxx

I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks finishing incorporating readers’ comments into Roxx. And, finally, I’m finished!! I’ll take a few days’ break from this, and then begin the tedious exciting publishing process. Roxx will be available in eBook form by 19 August 2013, and in paperback form in September 2013 (exact date TBD). Here’s the opening paragraph:

05 May 2137 – 8:00 a.m. Central Africasian time.

A bloody Rembrandt this guy, God.

It was the seventh dawn since their escape, and Roxx had yet to acclimate to the stark Saharan sunrise. As light crept over the arid landscape, she was momentarily disoriented, unable to distinguish one low hill from the next. They were somewhere south of the ends of the Earth, and her daughters were safe. For now, alive and well was enough. She glanced down, pushed a button, and the navigational readout on her modified 1940 Indian Chief motorcycle displayed fourteen degrees, forty-three minutes north by eighteen minutes east. That put her location well into the Chadian desert. She smiled, and with one hand pulled a scarf across her mouth, shielding her nose and lips against the harsh desert wind. The nights were frigid here, particularly for a slender woman bracing against the biting air on the back of a motorcycle. Before her, on the hardened sand that passed for a road, long shadows clutched at the undulating dunes; black and reddish hues painted the landscape ahead like a madman’s abstract.

2. Weekly Writing Prompts

I make no claims to be a writing instructor. In fact, it’s safe to say I’m self-taught with every artistic endeavor I’ve tried. Still, I am a coach, a mentor, and full of useless ideas. So, I will be putting together weekly writing prompts (some visual, some abstract, some concrete). These are actually for specific people, but I figured this would be as good a place for them as any. Feel free to use the ideas, when posted, or ignore them.

Not the final cover art.
Not the final cover art.

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        1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

          I appreciate it. I know people read and liked “Juice” but I still can’t tell if anyone actually read “Emprise.” This one I’ve been tweaking for 2 years.

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