from under you

i slide myself from under your touch
allowing your softness to drip off me
like forested rain leaching life from a leaf
you have nourished me, and yet,
there has been no sunlight in your presence.

i remember the way your skin glides
against my own; i can still smell your
perfumed hair as it tickled me awake
many nights i slept to the sounds of your
gentle slumber; but now, i have awakened.

we are alike, you and i,
enough so that lovemaking with you
is a spiritual homosexuality; my words
cannot procreate into sonnets,
as your denials supplant my desire.

i cannot be myself, for being too much you
and, as i love you, daily, i beseech
you, depart from me, that i may
suffer in your absence, and thereby
grow in my own presence.

18 thoughts on “from under you

  1. says:

    As usual sir, your words paint a beautiful picture and leave me wanting more.
    Keep writing Bill. I’m still reading.

  2. Ishaiya says:

    You write exceptional poetry my handsome friend. I read somewhere that you didn’t write much poetry anymore, why the hell not? Your words drip with emotional rain, beautiful and cleansing washing my eyes wide awake. Would that it could rain like this everyday…

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      Thanks, love. The truth is twofold: first, no one reads poetry anymore except other poets. And after sitting in a couple of poetry critique groups, I’ve come to the conclusion that even they want to write short, lyrical prose in broken poetry forms. Second, I’m tone deaf when it comes to my own poetry. I honesty can’t tell what’s good, because either it sounds corny and stilted (like this piece) or it doesn’t sound like poetry at all.

      I’m usually surprised when people really respond to a piece.

      1. Ishaiya says:

        I don’t think this sounds stilted at all. Poetry is all about what comes from deep within, and man you have so much poetry within you I’ve scarcely come down all week!
        Besides you should write it just because you can, whether other poets read it or not.

          1. Ishaiya says:

            I wrote some of my best poetry when I was in my 20s, much of which I have posted on Diary of a Person Being Human. It never ceases to amaze me what people do and don’t like. Usually what I like is not necessarily what is popular.

  3. Wendell A. Brown says:

    Your writing style is so very unique…your poem makes one to feel they are nearby and are in hearing distance of your conversation…so wonderfully real! The last verse sums it up so perfectly, you show the feeling of your heart in such a genuine way. Believe me, you are among the best I have read…your poem is so deeply soulful…have a blessed day, andthanks for the follow!

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