Excerpt from “Juice”

Here’s a brief excerpt from the title story to my short story anthology, The Juice and Other Stories. It’s free today on Amazon.com. There’s a paperback version too, which contains 2 bonus stories. You can pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


They are at her four-story walk up. Her movements are deliberate, and her palms are dank against the steadying support of the dirty walls. He is behind her, panting, though likely not from exertion – not yet. She stops at the head of the stairs, unzips her leather skirt, and lets it fall. Without turning, she steps over it, leaving it for her suitor. She is nude from the waist down, except heels, and proceeds down the short hallway, allowing the feminine undulation of her hips to hypnotize him. She does not turn, but hears his breathing deepen. There is a small groan as he stoops to recover her clothing. They smell like her – and that is still enough. Two more strides and she drops her short jacket, and he is panting now.

As the door opens, he rushes her, inflamed with her, unthinking. She is nude as she hits the bed, although she does not remember his removing the remainder of her garments. He attempts a kiss, but receives only admonishment. She does not love him; she only loves his juice. Within seconds, his hands, his lips, his tongue are on her, ravishing her, giving her body brief quakes of pleasure. It is unexpected, from this unassuming minivan, but he is skilled, and for the first time in many such exchanges, she takes pleasure from his advances.

Angie tries to speak encouragements, but her words are slurred and incomprehensible. It matters not – he speaks to her body, to the sweat beneath her breasts, to the firmness of her hips, and to her neck. At the touch of his tongue to her throat, the ecstasy takes her – none but Threatt has had her neck, and the remembrance of love cracks her clouded mind. She grasps him, spins him beneath her without releasing his embrace, and returns the kiss to his neck.

Together, they scream, she with passion, he in brief pain, as her teeth slip within his quivering skin. He tenses, draws away, but she pulls him back and begins to suck in earnest. “It’s okay baby, she says, “It’ll only hurt for a minute.” His eyes roll back and he yields. His juice – finally the juice – begins to flow, and it comes in warm, sweet spurts, into her waiting mouth.

3 thoughts on “Excerpt from “Juice”

  1. Ishaiya says:

    [big smile] very electric Mr.Jones Jr. I shall have to get me a copy of your book. I love writing these kinds of pieces too, the more sexual tension the better I think. It’s great to provoke reactions in readers, as you have very well here. Did you read my micro-story ‘Paris’?
    Btw I love your profile pic at the top of your blog page…

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      Thanks. 🙂 This is from my short story collection. Not all of the stories feature sexual tension. I’ve been experimenting with different genres. However, I find increasingly, that these elements are entering my writing. (I’m thinking it’s because I’m finally ready to start dating again. 🙂 ) I’ve just started a new short story collection, which I expect to darker and sexier than these. My latest book is a detective novel, that has a LOT of sexual tension. I don’t write erotica, however.

      I don’t think I’ve seen “Paris” but I will go search for it.

      1. Ishaiya says:

        Ah, ready for dating again… maybe that explains it for me too! 🙂
        Like you I like to explore all sorts of genres in my writing. My story ‘Paris’ is part of a collection of ‘Snapshot’ or micro stories that I’ve been writing for some years now, and for the most part they are completely intuited pieces that I will usually write in one sitting and are no more than 500-600 words, often less. I love the idea of capturing a snapshot in time whatever era or wherever in the world that may be or not. It’s only been in the past few months that I have begun writing pieces that had any sexual tension in them, not a subject I was that concerned with writing before, or that confident for that matter. So it’s a new one on me, actually expressing those kind of feelings in words. My Vlog story ‘Desire’ was one touching the edges of that genre.
        I think such pieces though have to come from a place of desire in the first place for them to be really effective, and maybe because of both our circumstances that is the reason they are emerging.

        I look forward to reading more of your work… 🙂

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