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Okay, I’ve decided Skip Tracer sucks as a title. Actually, I decided that long ago; I just never did anything about it. What finally convinced me is the fact that there’s been a TV movie (2008) and Canadian theatrical release (1977) of the same name.

Now, I’m not worried about confusing people. It’s that when I Googled the title, and got two hits, I immediately assumed they both suck, just from the title. Hmm, that can’t be good, right?

So, I need a title that isn’t boring. Which is difficult, as I feel quite boring lately. I guess I am boring. But the book is not. It’s a detective story, starring Eddie Daley, a US Army vet turned private investigator. He built a nice living tracking down people who don’t want to be found. It’s boring, but it puts six figures in his pocket, so Eddie doesn’t mind.

But then, he meets Mina Good Crow, and his life flips. He finds himself Brooklyn bound, wrapped up in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Mina’s brother-in-law and young nephew. If, that is, they are, in fact, dead. Complicating matters is the fact that he is equally attracted to Mina’s sister, Kari. And why shouldn’t he be? They are twins, after all.

I’ve become obsessed with old film noir detective stories lately (Sam Spade, Mark McPherson, Mike Hammer, Philip Marlowe). Not because I want Eddie to be like them, but because he’s obsessed with these old flicks. I can’t “be” Eddie unless I “am” Eddie. You know?

Now, Eddie’s not as smooth as these guys, not yet anyway. Still, he tries hard and he’s better looking than these clowns. So, his debut Book Noir needs a fitting title — something that says Noir Detective.

Whattya say? Can you help out a southern shamus whose down on his luck?

Title Suggestions are most welcome. If you pick a winner, you’ll totally get credit for it in the book’s acknowledgments. I’m thinking something like “The Fixer” (which you’ll get if you read the book), or “Twin Trouble in Brooklyn,” or “A Murder of Crows” (which fits, but has been used already for a movie).

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  1. maryann0072003 says:

    Hi Bill – titles are tough – what about using a “series” type title?  Sending my thoughts, best of luck.  Have a blessed day.  Mary Ann   Eddie Daley Chronicles:  Brooklyn Heat


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