I Dream of You in Zanzibar

El cantar de mi amor.

I dream of you in Zanzibar.

We two, in a floating bungalow open to the warm night air
gather the day’s humidity for our private use.
There, we’ll dip a toe in the azure sea and watch
the tourist passersby, laugh as they climb below
our summer’s perch. And if I take you there, my love,
where the sky dips to a cooling swim and clouds emerge
from pristine waters to bathe us in its harmony, will you
kiss me there, and well?

I’ll watch you walk the jetty, naked to the warming sun, and
their eyes can dance upon you but sing you not
the words, for your music your body will save for me.
I can smell you, in my mind, sweating orange blossoms
to draw me nearer
like a wayward bee to your nectared cove.

If you love me Zanzibar,
where the beaches marry waves
I will love you, hot like summer,
through the night for all my days.

The summer nights, there, mi amor, I shall lay you
amid rose petals and play the cello of your flesh
with only my yearnings as the bow. Your eyes are
closed and skin vanilla soft, I begin to rain, and
the humidity we secreted begins to condense among us
and rain kisses to your feet, I shall, and storm amid your
rippling legs and pour myself among your secrets
and flood your glory with my love.

And when the rain has ceased, the midnight
fire starts between us, and to your lips go I,
pink and full and soft and mine. Can you love me,
as I take you, feel you arch and hear your cries?
My heart can teach you all its rhythms
and soothe the beatings gone astray.

If you love me Zanzibar,
where our beaches kiss the waves
I will promise you the oceans,
to the shores for all my days.


Siempre es sólo una promesa


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