Say my name


i wanna be your rule breaker
hip to the hop and glottal stops
a smoothed-out flow you know
is for the lp side, no 10-minute ride
‘cause i’m on the real, baby,
i’m wired for sound, for love, for days,
for nights in painted deserts,
for weeks taking in rays
for heat in smoky cabarets there’s marrakesh
or, foggy nights down by the canal
we’ll keep it fresh
while i pull your coat-tails to slow you down
and grab you by the flow, then turn you ‘round
‘cause i’m here, and real, baby, ain’t no jive
to show you life’s more than just staying alive
so plug me in, honey, turn me on,
my mic is yours, baby,
y  siempre mí corazón.

say my name.
softer, baby, i can’t hear you.
say my name.
if you whisper, my heart will shout
say my name.
softer, baby, it’s alright.
say my name.
we got all night.

(y’all don’t hear me.)

16 thoughts on “Say my name

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      Thanks, Felicia. This is my poem; I wrote it to this Nas beat and another beat from the Fugees. I wanted it to have a flow, and using the beats was effective in doing that. (I think.)

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