i washed myself of you

another from the “probably crap” file.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.33.22 PM
in case you think I’m kidding

i washed myself of you
was surprised to see the ring you formed on the tub
it left me feeling unclean
to be perfectly honest

sometimes …

i exhaled, finally
you’d be proud of me, if you were around to know
but then, i suppose i wouldn’t
if you were.
my friends, those loving few
were worried
as the bubbles from beneath the water
in my filthy tub
had long since stopped.

i guess they all thought i’d drowned.

always …

but you know i drowned long ago
swept in your current
your blue waterfall and i never …
didn’t stand a chance, did i?

so here i sit, drenched, cold-

and the ring is still there
staining me
i suppose always will it be there
but at least i’ve risen from beneath
the waves
and exhaled

never …

one day, a bittersweet morn
i do so hope to


15 Replies to “i washed myself of you”

  1. I need not ask you to explain,
    for you write from within a place only you know.
    Your writing awakens a bittersweet memory
    that I can cannot pen myself.
    Passion for that which is fleeting,
    the crashing tide of rapture that ebbs
    leaving indignation and pain in its place
    only to be washed over again, stealing the last breath taken.

  2. You should pulish them all. The probably crap stuff is always the most popular. It seems to be a golden rule no matter what piece of art you produce, the stuff you personally think is mediocre seems to go down a treat with everyone else. It’s not that it’s actually crap, it’s just most artists who have a passion for what they do are perfectionists, and actually everything they produce is great, but if just may not be to the standard that they ordinarily aspire to. There is also the fact that most people are very easily pleased too. Not everybody is cut out to be a genius. Just as well really otherwise we’d be out if a job! LOL!

    1. Hmm, I’ll have to consider that; I honestly never thought of it. People do seem to ignore what I love and like what I don’t. “Not everybody is cut out to be a genius.” I’m glad I know you have a sense of humour, otherwise, I’d think you were mocking me. Ha!

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