el lago

i have a place, where you live
hidden from others’ view
between the trees, down the path,
to the restless lake we go,
obscured by distance and the
certainty of impossibility.

strip away his failings
and the quickening of your
dancing heart, be still, lovely.
slip beneath the surface
and guide me to your secrets.
together, we shall make waves
to rock their autumn shores.


17 Replies to “el lago”

  1. No fair. You post a beautiful, enticing poem and then pair it with a gorgeous autumn scene such that doesn’t exist within a 1000 miles of where I live and leave me unattended. Truly, the stilling in my heart might easily have been my last. Okay, I’ll breath deep and appreciate your talent, an easy smile forming where the awe was a moment before. Thank you. 🙂

      1. No it was an “oh my”, but I did read it the other way too when I posted the comment, realising how it might be read instead without that cheeky little comma 🙂

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