Wings, Lions, Angels

I was going to begin a new short story serial, but then I looked at my previous ones, and realized that only the same 3 or 4 people seem to read them. Instead, I’m posting this link to a longer piece, an excerpt from my book Awakening. It’s long, so be forewarned.

Raw, Naked Art

I was thinking about lions and dragons, due to a poem by my favorite poet and best friend. It reminded me of my 2nd book, Awakening — specifically one chapter wherein the protagonist, Charlie a 13-year-old genius kid, first discovers his lion heart in the land of dreams. I’ll post it here, because it’s long, and I’m hoping this is the place I can post fuller works, because people should only be here because they like my stuff. For the normal, brief WordPress-type material, see my main blog.


While Robin struggled in a New Mexico memory that was masquerading as a nightmare, Charlie fought against his own – somewhat less personal – demons. As he fought, his attackers grabbed both arms, and the large flaxen-haired man wrapped his massive arms around Charlie’s head, intending, apparently, to finally choke the life from him. Instead, Charlie began to grow. His body…

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