Emprise Re-released

I have re-released Emprise, having tightened up the first few chapters. I really like the book, but was unhappy with the execution of the opening. To celebrate its release, the eBook will be free this weekend, starting at midnight pacific time (UTC -8).

I hope you check Emprise out. If you don’t buy “fantasy” because you hate “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Lord of the Rings” and others of that ilk, but you would like a nice retreat from reality with people you like, this is the book for you. Sixteen-year-old Charlie is hunting creatures trying to have a normal life. It would be easier were he not tasked with hunting carnivorous rabbits, rapidly evolving dragons, and much more dangerous creatures from the world of dreams, The Stream. Something is destroying the gateway that separates dreams from reality and life from the afterlife. Only Charlie and his best friend, Robin can save the universe from chaos, and the dark enemies determined to bring it about.

You can find excerpts of Emprise here, here, and here.

You can find the book by clicking on the cover shot below.

Emprise, coming ... eventually
Take the journey.

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