predictions of my early demise

i awaken in shallow pools of you
to discover i am killed

steely blue was my death
the sky, torn, rained you upon me
every drop of you
did i drink
knowing you were poison
sweetest taste of despair were you
and so i drank your lies
and quenched my thirst
on the bitter kool-aid
of your milky flowers

and a fool i am, a fool
for loving the taste of death

would i drink you in
if the taste were
sour like the foretaste of urine?
staining my soul, self-respect
would i drink your kool-aid,
and drown in your broken
promise, lost in the emptiness
of your cavernous silences?

i scream from the rips in my flesh
hear only echoes of my former self
and clench my shredded nakedness
lest you pour out my rent skin
and are lost to me forever

so your poison shall i keep
secreted, where only i die
and you,
my bitter pill of hatred for you
goes unswallowed
for i cannot bear the cure of you

as ever, i am killed by you
and forget how to die


12 Replies to “predictions of my early demise”

      1. Yes. To care is to become vulnerable and that leaves us open to pain, but for the love to survive, as with all things, there must be balance. Passion. Pain. A flame that flickers and flares, but is never extinguished.

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