you deserve

You deserve joy
and love and laughter
walks on a moonlit beach
and tickles from the breath of God
at your back.

You deserve pain-free days
and passionate nights
best-sellers and gallery displays
and knowing you are and
have ever been

You deserve to see
what I have seen within you
and to cast away shadowed lies
from your oft-remembered past.
You deserve to know you
are forgiven by all but
your mirrored image.

You deserve to walk
in the daylight and reach
toward the light. Lift
your eyes to the heavens
for you will walk where
your gaze is pointed.

And you will find Me
there, always, and I
will smile, for you have
always been made for
the sun.

10 thoughts on “you deserve

  1. EagleAye says:

    This is wonderful, Bill! So positive and uplifting. I think I may frame it and give it to my wife. In my eyes, she was made for the sun. I want to be there, smiling.

    This is my favorite poem of yours so far. Merry Christmas, Bill!

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