With Eyes Now Shut

At night, I sing the all-alone songs
For those who cannot find the words
Whisper notes my father sings me
To tales of tears that go unshed
I close my eyes, and type them out
Not knowing how they form the page
Where shadows dance before me gently
Careful, touching, bid me stay

Just there! Her shadow, timid, near me,
Barely whispers what to say
And if my eyes do open as she
Sings her shadows fade away
In darkness will I write her sad song
Hope her tears I take away
Mother kiss her for me, gently
Shadows care not much to stay

At night, I play all my alone songs
Eyes still shut to see the words
Child, I beg you, please don’t fear me
My heart is yours, I bid you stay
Like crystal, fragile, are they coming
the words I see them, but they fade
And like the light that reflects near them
The hope in Him I shine today

So my chillun, gather near, I’ve
Songs to sing you, tales to rend
Hearts a-broken, dreams akimbo
Minds that shatter, tatter, torn
Again I tell you, sister, near me
Lives like ours my God hath borne
Join in, sing Him all your teardrops
Let His love in you be born.

5 thoughts on “With Eyes Now Shut

  1. cecilia says:

    how can one talk about words WITH words, i find that hard, i would rather the tough or the smile or the tears.. internet is so .. limiting.. c

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