Death Toll

City night is calling,
to one who never sleeps
It sounds o’er treetops; sirens blow
Another mother weeps

Empty arms embracing,
then clutch an empty heart
Night sounds – again the sirens wail
Another life departs

City night is tolling,
for we who never sleep
It sounds, and gunshots break a heart
Again, the city weeps


15 Replies to “Death Toll”

      1. This new connection seems to have revitalised you and this is so reflected in your recent posts! She is a good person for you and a true ‘Soul Mate’ I might venture to guess?

  1. Fear and death are part of life, they give us a kick up the ass and remind us to be present and near to who and what we love, no matter how turbulent the journey is. Sometimes that turbulence is just a headwind carrying you forward so that you get where you need to be. But arrival is just another transition, so enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride and learn to surf the currents of life.
    I love you.

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