Billie’s Blues

Billie’s got the Monday Blues
all week long
heavy days
smoky nights
sad songs wail
joyous jumps stumble
and she’s soon come
cause the Horse
she’s riding
ain’t what she used
to be.


9 Replies to “Billie’s Blues”

  1. Oh yes, Billie Holliday was one of the greats. Her life was a sad story and gives a lot of meaning behind the song, “God Bless The Child.” She had good reason to sing the blues so well.

    1. I could tell a lot about her life from photos. I found three sets of photos of her, including performances, from 3 different time periods. In each, she was wearing the same dress with a huge bow.

      Sometimes, it’s not about money.

  2. A true Great. I think this is the outfit she wore for the 1947 Down Beat mag article, no?

    The best.

    I also love Etta James (may she RIP). But I’m not “music smart” per se, I just know what I like. 🙂 Maybe a little clichĂ©d for a white girl?! 🙂

    Here you go re: Etta James (not that you need help finding this):

    The REAL thing: (Again, the BEST)

    BeyoncĂ©’s version (I typically don’t like it when stars do this, but it’s ok. Still not as good, but better than some. The best part is the very end-the respect-when she talks to Etta.):

    Cheers, D

    1. I think so. I also found a couple other instances where she wore this dress, even though she seemed to have aged in the interim.

      Etta was a unique talent. Beyoncé wishes she was a force of nature like Etta.

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