Work for Peace

I interrupt this blog for a special message. We still aren’t at Peace. Here is my favorite spoken-word poet, Gil Scott-Heron, with a report. A transcript can be found here.

“The Military and the Monetary,
The Military and the Monetary,
The Military and the Monetary.
The Military and the Monetary,
get together whenever they think its necessary,
They turn our brothers and sisters into mercenaries, they are turning the planet into a cemetery.”

— Gil Scott-Heron


“They took the honour from the honourary,
they took the dignity from the dignitaries,
they took the secrets from the secretary,
but they left the bitch in obituary.”


You see,
In life, in the struggle,
there are but two choices,
we fall apart, or
we fall together.

Y’all don’t hear me.

4 thoughts on “Work for Peace

  1. Wendell A. Brown says:

    Bill, thanks for sharing Brother Gil, I still listen to his music and his words, my favorite album…”Pieces of Man”. He is still an awesome talent who bless us with genuinely true message! You made my night!

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      Wendell, It was my pleasure. When I was in college, a little group I was in brought him to the university for a concert. It was one of the highlights of my collegiate career. It’s a shame the turn his life took, but there was no denying his talent.

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