The Sum Total of …

I’d planned to spend the entire day devoted to writing. After numerous interruptions, most of them more stressful than I’d care to relate, and a lovely evening chat with my smarter half, I finally got down to “business” around 8:30 PM. But the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat were each playing (and winning) and there went that bit of focus.

So, here it is, midnight, and the sum total of what I’ve written today is below.

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My interview with Rosie wasn’t going at all like I planned. I suppose it might have been due to the fact that I let myself like her enough that I didn’t want to rough her up emotionally. You need to stay objective, if not antagonistic toward your subject during questioning. It could also have been the fact that the girl was a lot brighter than I expected a glorified waitress to be. Mostly, however, it was the fact that the woman was playing a game she called Strip Interview, during which she removed an article of clothing each time I asked her a personal question or one she deemed to be stupid. That left me with one of two options: stop the interview or risk having a naked subject sitting across from me.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a professional. I wasn’t about to stop the interview over some half-assed, female bullying technique. Besides, I’d conducted plenty of interviews of nude subjects during my time in Afghanistan. Granted, none of those Taliban freaks looked anything like Rosie, but that was my theory. In truth, the woman was killing me. She was currently seated across from me wearing a black lace bra, matching panties, and those damned fuzzy sandals. I was sure she kept those on just to keep me noticing her feet. I may have sort of a thing for feet.

The way I saw it, I had to figure out what I  needed to know in the next two questions, or somebody was going to be in a world of hurt.

Or fun.

Oh well, at least I got my plot outlined organized better. That’ll make the writing fly by tomorrow. (Sigh)

16 thoughts on “The Sum Total of …

  1. Arkenaten says:

    It begs the question, Bill, whether it is better to have a half-assed semi-naked woman or a full assed one.
    Ah…the dilemma!

    Off hand, I would plump for full-assed every time.

      1. Arkenaten says:

        Well, which ever you choose, there is no point go about it half-cocked, that’s for sure.

        Forgive my ignorance, I haven’t cruised much of your blog; is this for a new book or merely a blog piece?

          1. Arkenaten says:

            The tricky bits for me are plots.
            I write comic fantasy and ( fortunately) don’t have to worry too much about complex characters.
            Most are simple…like me!

            1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

              I would love to write comic fantasy, but I’m not sure I have a strong enough imagination. I agree, plotting is tough. I’ve spent more time on the plotting than I have writing.

            2. Arkenaten says:

              I find real life stuff such as you are writing takes more imagination.
              Hence the complexity of the characters you describe.
              Getting into their pysche and what have you.

              I wrote a Science fiction novel and had to rewrite the bloody thing three times because of all the factual stuff that had to be spot on.
              I don’t think i could do that again.
              I have just finished a book that had a lot of factual background and it required a fair amount of research.
              I don’t mind the Googling etc but it has to be spot on.
              Comic fantasy can so often skip right by that.

              Question someone asked me the other day:
              You’ve published a lot more than I, do you write American English or British English?

              Have you been obliged to change spellings or has the issue never arisen?

            3. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

              I write using American English spelling, but no one has ever complained from the UK. I think as long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t want to pay an editor to catch them all, but I guess switching the language on Microsoft Word to UK English would have caught them.

              I know what you mean about fact checking. In my sci-fi novel, I extrapolated well into the future and took some leaps. I still had people grumbling about factual errors. I kept thinking, “It’s Science Fiction.” Fantasy is easier; people like it better when it’s not realistic.

            4. Arkenaten says:

              Then I shall continue as before. 🙂

              Facts, and technology

              Alan Dean Foster wrote a book titled Cyberway which I thought was excellent. Still do!
              He even foresaw the rise of the internet and had the police using things called Mollys and operators were web spinners.
              However, when the cops were in the office or in the field they required a hard line to plug their ”Molly” in to connect to the Police Station central data base.
              No wi fi! No cell phones.

              Not crucial to the story of course but it shows how some minds think regarding the ”future”.

              Some Science Fiction dates well. Others, not so.

            5. Arkenaten says:

              She is too kind…and very special. But then you know this, I’m sure 🙂

              One man’s meat and all that…

              I enjoy making people smile with my writing.
              I still laugh at some of my stuff but that might just mean I am not right in the head!

              My wife doesn’t think my writing is really funny, and yet she married me! Go figure?

              I usually put up my book extracts and short pieces on my personal blog. If you click on the gravatar It should show the other blogs.

              The Far King & areuamilf2

              My book is on both.


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