dyslexic winter

midlight moonnight
summer junefly
firebug flashes
yellow rain
warm ochre
on my brain

black Russians
conquering coldness
nuclear families
surviving winter
burning leaves
fighting cinders

11 May 1984


5 Replies to “dyslexic winter”

  1. Great poem and very nice b&w photo. You’ve hit the full tonal range here and the texture is wonderful. The hard lines bring we through every inch of the image. If I may offer some C/C – clone out those three twigs in the upper left…just hanging out there in mid-air 🙂

      1. I am notorious for leaving things like that in photographs. It isn’t a huge deal, but sometimes things like that make the difference between a good photo and a great one…or so I have been told. I don’t enter competitions, but I like to know what judges might be looking at just the same.

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