Deep in It

For those whose blogs I’ve not visited recently, please know I’ve not lost interest. I’m deep in an ocean of work and trying to swim to the surface. One book is in the can, so to speak, and I have two others I’m working simultaneously. Effectively, I have time to produce, but little to consume.

When I can again see the dim rays of sun through the still blue, I will resurface. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Deep in It

  1. Mélanie says:

    Hi Bill! long story, short: real life is and will always prevail upon any virtual “stuff”… 🙂
    my very best, stay healthy, optimistic and think positively! cheers, Mélanie

  2. Y. Prior says:

    yeah – and breaks from consuming and perusing are good too – and many times allow us to come back refreshed, right? hope your book is coming out great. and by the way – awesome photo –

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