Struggling Through It, Part 1

Raw, Naked Art

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I’ve been struggling with my latest work-in-progress, the suspense novel Jeanne Dark, despite the fact that I know and like the characters and have plotted the entire book. Indeed, as I told Maria tonight, I feel like my characters have become impatient with me, egging me on to write the damned book already. So, I’m writing. It’s an interesting dilemma, as writing is only as fluid as the process, and my current process isn’t fluid at all. Despite that, and due mostly to how much I’ve written in recent years, I’m managing to write with a modicum of lyricism. The book isn’t yet the jazz song I hope it to be when I’m done, but at least I’m laying out the basic chords of the thing. The music will flow in editing.

What I realized, after much rumination and endless whinging at my too-patient partner, is that my reason…

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