Struggling Through It, Part 2

Raw, Naked Art

One thing that hasn’t changed in my writing process is how I inject new minor characters, whether human or some dim, imagined part of my consciousness. (My process for major characters is substantially different and involved. I’ve written about it here, here, and here.) Being largely visual (though Maria argues that I am as auditory as I am visual) my imagination is stimulated by visual input. In my last bit of writing, I’d reached an minor impasse in how to end one scene and begin the next. As I often do, I looked through my library of collected potential character images, and picked one, this time at random. It was this woman. Lovely, is she not?

96e151b5e9eb159bf5bacd1ab2bc9c89 Not my Image–photographer unknown

This was enough to stimulate the process. My two characters were already in a pub, and now, I had their waitress. The rest of the scene flowed…

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