I Danced, Once, with Her

I danced, once, with her
Weather Report was playing
Between the Thighs
and in my mind, I was there
She danced back at me, her hips
hopping to my spoken word, her
being to my bop, ebb to my flow
She washed along my shore
her big hair lapping me
like red waves, unkempt on my beach
dancing in the way hair is supposed to dance
daring me to catch it and run my fingers through
to pull her to me, taste her
and her lips
and perhaps the milk of her

she never heard the music I selfishly
hoarded via pin-sized ear buds
but she heard my body singing
calling her, and she sang right back, and
damn could baby sing
could she sing baby
could sang them notes
and I pulled her to my
and kept her there, forever

I danced with her
just that once,
and always


5 thoughts on “I Danced, Once, with Her

  1. Wendell A. Brown says:

    I loved your poem, your style…your words kept me riveted all the way through to the end! Weather Report, Ah, yes and i was listening to Gil Scott this morning…’Pieces of a Man’, Have an awesome weekend my brother!

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