This Week’s Essays on Writing

Slide3This was the 3rd post I ever did on this blog, back on 28 December 2010. Obviously, no one really watched the videos because almost no one read my blog. I thought it worth reposting for those of you who aspire to be (or already are) writers.

Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

Stephen King – Advice to New Writers

Joyce Carol Oates – On Writing Characters


6 thoughts on “This Week’s Essays on Writing

  1. y. prior says:

    Hey Bill – I am going to come back later to watch the vids – they look cool – but real quick wanted to say that the quote was awesome from Anais Nin! never heard it and it was so good.

    have a nice weekend. 🙂

  2. EagleAye says:

    Great stuff that’s good to see. Ray Bradbury is one of my very favorite’s, so his words were inspiring for me. Thanks so much for posting this again!

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