Against the wind

From my “Pain” photo-poetry series:

“Legs II”

Against the wind
and to the sky
with steady gait
past prisons fly.
accept the world
against her feet
and move, uphill.
decry defeat.

that perfect spot
the All have made
in quiet, tears
surrender shade.
when comes the sun
again, she’ll try
to climb up to
sweet destiny.

but night surrenders
take her breath.
don’t notice pain
leave her bereft
of love, of worth
a simple touch,
a kiss, a painless day—
not much.

her prison’s walls
are bittersweet
with angel tears
and kitten feet.
she know her hills
are always steep
and hearts don’t always
keep her beat,

but with the dawn
come expectations
All will meet her
she’ll stretch past pain
and grumble smiles
then climb her hills’
unending miles.

8 thoughts on “Against the wind

  1. EagleAye says:

    I especially liked this part, “her prison’s walls, are bittersweet. with angel tears, and kitten feet.” That’s just beautiful writing. Great poem, Bill!

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