Final thoughts for the day – 8-9 October 2014: Dopamine Addicts

Part 2: Is Art Its Own Reward?

Diary of a Person Being Human

MeAs an artist the most significant thing someone could say to me is that I inspire them through my work, or the expression of my particular art. The thing with that kind of validation, is that it becomes addictive. With every new expression of your art you need new validation of your ability to inspire. Art only becomes art when exchanged and shared with others, as the definition of something as art can only come from comparison and trend established in agreement with others.

To ever consider myself a lonely artist is erroneous, because in calling myself an artist at all is an adherence to an already widely accepted notion of what art is supposed to be, and realising that this is essentially a social endeavour that requires participation of more  than just myself. If I the ‘artist’ do something just for me, then surely I am merely being myself as…

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One thought on “Final thoughts for the day – 8-9 October 2014: Dopamine Addicts

  1. Bess Jones says:

    Thank you for reblogging. You’ve certainly started something on your blogs with all your talk of art. I feel like this is a conversation that we’ve been having for weeks, together and through our own respective blogs, but it was definitely kick-started by your ‘100 Days of Art’ series. Thank you for giving me something to chew over.

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