i wonder if you’d mind
if i traded a thousand of your likes
for a single smile.
would it offend you, could i be
for my antisocially friendly request?
i wonder if you’d hear me
over the tip-tapping sound
your phone makes as you
abbreviate our interactions.
i reckon not, you see, because
though we’ve established a hundred
times per day that you like me,
it’s not at all clear that you
actually see me.

and we both know
y’all don’t hear me.

i wonder if you’d mind
if i shut you off,
pulled your plug,
and turned to the trees
instead of the screen. they
never mind, even when i’d
cut them down to leave you
missives that you’re now
too busy to read. i wonder
if you’re in there, and
at times i have to resist
the urge to shake the phone
and see if you’ll fall out
into my palm.
i’d kiss all your buttons
if you did that.

but you’re not in there,
are you?

i wonder if you know
that i’m not even there
when you see me. i wonder
if you’ll click my pic
to see i’ve been in the world
for a minute and forgot how
to interweave all my bits
with yours.
it doesn’t really matter,
i suppose,
since you like me,
heart me,
sometimes even leave me
love letters–
like idk lol wtf didugo?

i went … out.

and i wondered if you’d
but you didn’t, because
you were busy spending
your precious air time
looking down,
and i don’t live there
any more.

i’m still out …
where the air
like chocolate.
you remember chocolate —
kinda looks like #C85A17
and tastes really great
with a cuppa hot #6F4E37.

i made you some–
hoping you’ll look up,
walk over, and grab you
of my likes.

mine come with kisses
that’ll wet your earholes.

just so y’all will
hear me.

7 thoughts on “iDon’t

  1. cooking with audrey says:

    i wish i could find words to express how much i love this!! there is much power in the delicate, playful, and yet enlightening way you’ve expressed yourself here. i admire your ability to do so. often times, when i try to write about things like this, i end up just sounding angry. 😉 thank you for this post, it was a joy to engage with it – even though i’d take a cup of coffee with you over reading your words on the screen… it’s still a nice way to connect with awesome people like YOU all over this world. ❤

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