Find Whate’er Ye Seek

Raw, Naked Art

I must admit, that despite my fairly advanced knowledge of music, I knew little to nothing of Sia. It had nothing to do with her talent; rather, it is that Pop music has to cross a pretty high threshold to get my attention. Perhaps “Diamonds” as performed by Rhianna should have done it, since it’s one of the few of the singer’s songs that I really love. Apparently, Sia wrote the lyrics to the song in fourteen minutes.


So, imagine my interest when I heard the controversy surrounding Sia’s new video for “Elastic Heart,” starring Shia LeBeouf and the amazing 12-year-old dancer (actress) Maddie Ziegler. I drew my attention, to be honest, because it was trending on Facebook for claims of implicit pedophilia. I pay attention when people ring the Ped alarm, for a number of reasons, which I’ll go into a bit later. But first, if you haven’t…

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