The Little Burgundy

Those of you who know me from my photography know that I’ve not been around much. That’s in part because I mostly post photos to my 500px account, but its more because I’ve been busy getting back into the swing of publishing my books. Since I pulled all of my books from sale around three years ago, I’ve been a busy bee: I fell in love and got married; retired from my day job; revised all of my previously written novels, tightening them and smoothing the rough edges; finished three new novels; and wrote two short fiction collections, one literary fiction and the other fantasy/science fiction.

Plus, I got a haircut.

After all of the work learning my literary voice and perfecting what it is I want to do, in partnership with my wife, I’d like to announce the publication of my first novel release under our new imprint, Panthera Press.

Our first venture is the international mystery-crime drama, The Little Burgundy, starring female detective Dr. Jeanne Dark. Rather than give you a write-up, I’ll leave it up to Dark’s partner and co-narrator, Foster Cain, to describe the book:

“She is a force, Jeanne Dark. She’s stubborn, emotional, possessive, irrational, intuitive, cryptic, sensual, strong, and deathly afraid of the one thing that defines the rest of us—being vulnerable. But as a detective, she is unmatched. I’m not certain when I began to realize my lot in life was not to be the romantic lead or the action hero—but instead to be the John Watson to her Sherlock Holmes—or even how it happened. Perhaps it was the imperfect way she leapt to her deductive conclusions or the way I managed to stumble through our trials, battered and bruised, while she sailed through unscathed. Whatever the reason, mere months in, we would be deeply entrenched in a mystery with more twists than the London Underground.

“Jeanne Dark was out in front with angry police and government agents trying to keep up. What, you may ask, does a woman like that need with an ex-military mutt like me? Simply put, unlike Sherlock Holmes, Jeanne Dark isn’t always right. That’s where I come in—just call me Foss, voice of reason and cleanup crew.”

Join the brilliant investigator and synesthete, Dr. Jeanne Dark, and her partner and former Army intelligence specialist, Foster Cain, on a six-country adventure full of danger, intrigue, murder, and romance. Someone got their hands on a powerful radioactive poison, and now Dark needs to find it and them, before it’s unleashed on the public.

The Little Burgundy is available now in paperback via Lulu or Amazon, and will be available for ebook readers on October 29 on Amazon. You can pre-order a copy for Kindle or other electronic devices here.