I have my own theme music.
Were it to play aloud, I’d be sued,
most likely,
by Led Zeppelin.

is how it begins
and in my head, mi guitarra
es un hacha real
cutting through bullshit and misspent walls
meant to keep me out
but in actuality, only trapping the hatred

I have my own superhero suit.
I wear it to blow leaves
that errant trees have discarded
protecting your gringo-ass lawns
from natural nitrogen cycles
and chemical-free fertilization.
I listen to my theme music,
in my head,
my ears protected from my super power
and your vile insults
as I sterilize the shit
out of your environment.

I imagine you think my song
is reggaeton.
It isn’t, and
contributions to stereotypes
aren’t tax deductible.
Ron Glass said that shit
on Barney Miller
about 40 years ago.

Long enough
for you
to have learned better.

2 thoughts on “Inmigrante

    1. Bill Jones, Jr. says:

      Thanks, love. I thought the poem worked, and the photo is just a photo. I was concerned that people might see the photo and the title and jump to conclusions. But I guess, if you don’t read the work, I shouldn’t care what you think of it.

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