The Button Collector – FREE!

For those looking for something to read, but who are on a limited budget, I am making one of my short stories, “The Button Collector,” free for all. It is one of the lead stories in my anthology, Stories In Analog, available from Amazon.

“The Button Collector” is a short story about Moshe Zacharias, an old man trying to survive in changing mid-1960s New York City. Here’s the blurb from Smashwords:

“Old man Zacharias only wanted to be left alone to collect, and perhaps even sell, his buttons in the small shop his late father left him. Life, he would find, wasn’t that simple.

In one of the lead short stories from the anthology, Stories In Analog, an old man tries to survive the cultural upheaval of his New York neighborhood as it transitions into the 1960s. The neighborhood toughs won’t leave him alone, however, and Zacharias will have some hard choices to make.”

Those interested in obtaining a pdf version of the story can download via the link below:

The Button Collector

The rest of you can find a copy on Smashwords at the following link: Download from Smashwords! The story is available in .mobi (Kindle), epub, .txt, and pdf formats. You can also read it on Smashwords’s online reader, if you’re interested (though pdf is easier).

Download a copy, and let me know what you think! Cheers.