What Are the Aligned Worlds™?

The Aligned Worlds™ are innovative, character-based, funny, exciting, and emotional self-contained speculative fiction stories. Based in robust world building and character design, each book is an epic journey through space and time. You’ll fall in love with these people and may not want to return home when the journey’s over. But please do; there are most stories to be had, more adventures to explore.

The Aligned Worlds, available now at http://smarturl.it/AlignedWorlds .

Year 5601
– A young woman tries to steer her people’s generation ship toward a new home after 5,600 years in space. Mya Landric has lived all of her life aboard the Rebibe, a generation ship that launched 5600 years earlier from a dying planet Earth. Everything aboard the Rebibe is tightly regimented via color-coded bars—status, career aptitude, even whom you date or marry. Mya is stuck in the ship’s middle status layer, unnoticed by anyone and unhappy about it. Now, however, the captain and the ship’s Artificial Intelligence, CAMLO, have tasked her with the most important job of her life: investigating a planet that might, finally, be a home. There’s just one nagging problem: the Rebibe’s Captain is bonkers.

Bohemian Stars – Four humans from different eras and two aliens form a musical group. Between gigs they have the difficult tasks of trying to stop an interplanetary war and stay out of each other’s beds. They are far more successful at the former than the latter, but either option brings them more than their share of trouble. This is epic sci-fi, full of laugh-out-loud moments, thrills, and tons of alien races and planets you’ll wish were real.

Ordinary Dust – A epic science fiction coming of age story, Ordinary Dust is part Sci-fi Gothic Romance and part Interstellar Crime Thriller. The novel follows Eleanora and her half-nephew Finn, as they deal with class conflict, the constrictions of youth, mutual attraction, war, and Eleanora’s desperate chase across the galaxy of the murderer who ruined her life. Finn has his own adventure ahead of him, worlds away from his privileged upbringing. Will he be hero or traitor? Only time will tell.

20 Million Billion Leagues Past Detroit – Herk Delacroix is 7 feet, 2 inches of the coolest dude you ever met. He’s also from the planet Xigán and makes his own space-time portals. Now he’s been asked to lead a team as they investigate mysterious twin planets. Expect strange worlds and aliens, lots of thrills, and more than a little magic. Some of it is between Herk and Jemini Starr, but most is the result of magitech and root magic, both of which were thought to be long forgotten.

Stars Aligned – Herk, Jemini Starr, and their team return to the twin planets of Juvaan and Baache to see if they can prevent a disaster that might destroy both worlds. Plus, there’s also the small matter of getting the band back together for one final, glorious tour. Although the novels in the series are numbered (based on the rough timeline of the events in the books) this is the only true sequel, a follow-up to 20 Million Billion Leagues Past Detroit and Bohemian Stars. Even so, you won’t need to have read the prior books to understand and enjoy this one, you’ll just encounter quite a few spoilers.

If A Robot Play The Blues Do It Still Be Funky? – Rashon Rannell Riley, IV is an android, but he’s not just another bot. He’s on a quest to prove his consciousness—his humanity—and figures the best way to do that is through music. He’s on a jazz tour that will take him around the galaxy and to the distant past. But is he on his way to finding what he really seeks—his soul? You’ll have to join Riley on his circuit to find out. But we promise—it’s a ride worth taking. If you like music, time travel, androids, or have ever contemplated the sci-fi of Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy or Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, you’ll enjoy Robot Blues.

A note to fans of Hard As Roxx, there’s a big surprise at the end for you.