“The Button Collector”

Available for free via pdf, .mobi (Kindle), epub, and .txt. Check out my post for details.

The following stories are taken from my short story collection, The Juice and Other Stories, and posted to the blog as web serials. “She,” below, will appear in the paperback version of Juice. “Crazy Magnet” can be found in the Kindle version (and the coming paperback version).

“Crazy Magnet”

“Crazy Magnet” is the story of a man with a peculiar talent: the ability to find and attract people with mental disorders.

Oh good, my crazy magnet is still turned on.” – Foss Cain


Read the complete short story (around 6,000 words) of Bobbi, a woman with an unusual secret who’s just trying to survive on tough urban streets, until she meets a man who threatens to change everything. Just a bit of urban fantasy for your enjoyment.

My vision of "Bobbi." Read the story and tell me yours.
My vision of “Bobbi.” Read the story and tell me yours.


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