Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Sci-fi Fantasy)

The Aligned Worlds series contains elements of epic sci-fi, fantasy fiction, utopian and dystopian sci-fi, space opera, cyberpunk, and literary fiction all woven together seamlessly. Put simply, these books are my best work ever. These are character-driven books featuring unique leading characters that span human and non-human organics, artificial life forms (androids, robots, Artificial Intelligence system) and other characters that don’t fit easily in categories.

The Aligned Worlds series consists of six independent, though interrelated novels: Year 5601, Bohemian Stars, Ordinary Dust, 20 Million Billion Leagues Past Detroit, Stars Aligned, and If A Robot Play The Blues Do It Still Be Funky. The chart below shows the suggest reading order.

Each of the books is an independent (no cliff-hangers!) story; however, Stars Aligned was written as a sequel to 20 Million Billion Leagues Past Detroit.

YEAR 5601

Future Fiction, Sci-Fi Adventure

Year 5601.png

After 5600 years in space, a young woman is tasked with vetting a planet that might, finally be a home for the thousands of people on her GenShip. More certain is her growing fear that her ship’s captain might be psychotic.

Mya Landric has lived all of her life aboard the Rebibe, a generation ship that launched 5600 years earlier from a dying planet Earth. Everything aboard the Rebibe is tightly regimented via color-coded bars—status, career aptitude, even whom you date or marry. Mya is stuck in the ship’s middle status layer, unnoticed by anyone and unhappy about it. Now, however, the captain and the ship’s Artificial Intelligence, CAMLO, have tasked her with the most important job of her life: investigating a planet that might, finally, be a home. There’s just one nagging problem. Mya and her small group of friends are beginning to believe that perhaps their own Captain Bligh has no intention of letting them land there, and Mya most definitely does not wish to be the Rebibe’s Fletcher Christian.

Emotional, hopeful, and enthralling, this future fiction epic is the first novel in a series of epic adventures in the Aligned Worlds™ universe. Stay tuned for space-time travel, pointless wars, love, sex, and rock and roll, all on planets you’ll have to read about to believe. It’s going to be a wild ride, and Year 5601 takes you there with a roaring start.

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Bohemian Stars

A group of six talented musicians travel through space-time to the distant future to either save the galaxy from interplanetary war, or have the most fun anyone’s ever while had failing to do so.

Four people from Earth, all of them in dire straits, are pulled through space-time portals to a world thousands of years and half a galaxy distant. There’s Tariq, running for his life in 1935 Mississippi; Estelle, busking her way into deep trouble in 2018’s Venice, Italy; Danika, caught in a violent uprising in 2014’s Ukraine; and Hoshiko, who’s just not like the other girls in 2068’s Tokyo. Once through their portal, they meet experienced “traveler” Jemini Starr, who despite her youthful appearance, is over a century old and Mirajia, an emotionally free, mysterious, endlessly talented alien. Together, the group will either form the most kick-ass band the galaxy has ever seen, or save it from interplanetary war. It is epic science fiction at its best, full of alien worlds, space-time travel, interplanetary war, as well as sex, love and rock and roll.

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Ordinary Dust

On a planet where nothing matters as much as status, a twenty-five year-old woman who has always been treated like “ordinary dust” by her family, bonds with her fourteen-year-old nephew and tries to carve a life for herself. When they are both forced to leave home, traveling to distant planets, they will find their idyllic lives will never be the same again. Full of adventure, romance, and suspense, Ordinary Dust is half literary fiction romance and half science fiction crime thriller. Join Eleanora and Finn as they grow up and make their ways on worlds full of alien races, adventure, and tragedy. You’ll end up at the edge of your seat, reading about characters and worlds you will never forget.

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Twenty Million Billion Years Past Detroit

A tall, dark, alien stranger from the far side of the moon leaves 1970s Detroit to lead a team to investigate twin planets that orbit a distant star. Both of the planets share the same orbit, but miraculously, never collide. There is something odd going on with those planets, and Herk Delacroix’s team, cruising in the starship Dolomite, needs to learn what it is before its too late. A fun romp through the galaxy with appearances by characters you’ll have come to know and love from the prior Aligned Worlds™ novels, as well as whole new set of imaginative characters. It’s a wild adventure that marries advanced science and magic in a way that’s never been done before.

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Stars Aligned

A team travels to distant star system to discover the dangerous secrets of the alien species there. There is evidence the planets themselves might be in danger, and the worlds’ residents are too busy squabbling over technology and magical tech to do what’s required for their own survival. Jemini Starr and Herk Delacroix return to lead the way, bringing a team back to the twin planets of Juvaan and Baache, among others. They have to convince the residents of the planets to cooperate before a burgeoning star ignites and givens new meaning to the word sunburn. You’ll love the ride, the humor, and the tense adventure. Strap in and enjoy future fiction at its finest.

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If a Robot Play the Blues Do It Still Be Funky? 

An android named Riley breaks free from the cycle of abuse artificials are subjected to and begins a journey to prove his own personhood. He attempts to prove his consciousness through music and along the way discovers that a soul comes with a dark price. Riley wants to make his own way in the universe. His chosen field of battle is jazz, and his weapon, the double bass. He meets up with Monk, a four-thumbed pianist, and together, they start on a path only the jazz greats from Earth’s music heydays have ever seen. There’s more at stake than music, however. Riley’s people back home are in trouble, and only by proving his own worth can he help them. If A Robot Play The Blues is a science fiction adventure like none other, starring a human-like android lead you’ll never forget.

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