she brought me february

she brought me february
skin of snow and fire
i heard the moon dancing
joyful of july’s promises of
and finally,

blizzards of night lights
on empty highways
that clock the moments,
watch me die of
with the blood of your
fresh kill hot on my lips

winter’s wind stings my eyes
to tears, my windows open
to sounds i cannot hear and
the cold that stirs me nightly
in places where you lie

but march draws nearer me
and i await my rebirth
in you
so our moon – winter moon
can dance in warmth

surely she will know our
and blush a july summer’s blush
for our moon is only
a summer sun, that waits a
winter night
for us

and with the ending of nights
will come the heat of
summer days, where i shall
taste the sweat that roils
where no one but our
moon dare shine

2 thoughts on “she brought me february

  1. Mélanie says:

    so strange to have come across this post… everything does happen for a reason… 🙂 I love February in general and the 4th in particular as it means a lot to me…

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